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Future Consulting JL
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Stress from work

If you are hindered in your work performance, you probably suffer from heavywork pressure.

Coaching is to learn you to deal with that pressure, so you can reduce stress and experiencing the right balance in your work.

The coach can guide you in dealing with pressure and stress and make you enjoy your work again.

Signs of excessive workforce:

  - Trying to get things under control

  - Concentration problems

  - Everything seems too much

  - More drinking, smoking etc.

  - Quickly tired, headache

  - More worried

  - No longer want to work

Your own coach!

Lap Jeanette is the founder and director of Future Consulting JL.

She is a NHA certified coach with passion for the profession and has specialized in the rapid Self-confrontation and effective method, Jeanette provides great value mutual trust and a pleasant work environment.
This assures tranquility and confidence to tell your story and your way to express yourself.

Because of her background, experience Jeanette

also can help those who feel bogged down.
She can help with cultural differences or

partner relationships,

Jeanette Lap Life Coach helps you to bring you on the basis of your own life. She's going to search with you the most meaningful events and experiences in your life. This gives you a quick overview of your  obstacles and  gives you more space and energy to get you to develop yourself and direct your life in every way you want it to go.

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