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Last update 12-04-2012

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Future Consulting JL
Partners in business

Telephone Coaching

There shall be a date agreed for telephone coaching.

This allows you to fully prepare and focus on your goals.

You canalso ensure yourself that you will not be disturbed by others at that time.

What is E-Coaching

E-Coaching is an effective way to find orientedons so you can get be coached.

This can be done via e-mail exchanges, chat, think of Facebook or Skype.

Our coaches are not  therapists!

Our coaches are interested and focused on achieving your succes.

The coach of Future Consulting JL will help you find new paths.

He will ensure you that your personal development are succesful and effective.

He also ensure you that with less effort and stress you can easily achieve what you want in life.

Together with the coach you’ll find your own personal way

You’ll learn that you heve much more potential in you than you know right now, so you can proceed your life with a much more positive look on it!

Teaching people to use their skills and natural abilities and talents optimally.

You have talents in yourselves, but often you underuse them, making you less effective or happy.

A coach will ensure:

 - You to use your strengths


 - He serves as your personal contact

   person and he helps you to get

   progress in your life so you’ll have

   more fulfilling, fun and (commercial)


Method of Coaching

Purpose of Coaching

Why coaching?

Coaching helps you to examine yourself and your life and is more effectively than any other method.

You’ll be more balanced, happier, calmer, more relaxed, and are be able to handle conflicts better.

It is the possibility to optimally connect the different roles in your life so you can fulfill all these roles in perfect harmony.

Coaching helps you to find yourself and your increas your quality of life!