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What is Coaching

Effects of the Positive Coaching

Coached several people have indicated that coaching a direct positive impact on the content and job satisfaction, career and personal life.

It has helped them:

 - making the most correct choices and taking appropriate actions to

   achieve goals

 - more confident

 - satisfaction in their work and private life

 - increase their own effectiveness and their contribution in a team

 - taking greater responsibility

 - achieving goals with less effort and success

 - improving cooperation and communication with others (boss,

   colleagues, family and friends).

 - improving communication skills.

How does a coaching session?

Most coaching programs begin with an intake of up to 1 hour.

During the interview refers to those areas in life that things will change coached.

The main objective of an initial interview to establish where the problems lie, and you want to be helped.

Then the Coach pathway starts this point the coach is committed to you in motion in achieving their goals.

Meetings take place or by telephone, email or Skype.

Depending on the system used and the goals to be achieved can be selected for a shorter (two months) or longer period (three months or longer).

Anita van Amstel, music theater
'Through my story,
I found out what my mission is.
My life and theater are strongly intertwined.
My mission also become my worldview.
I can fall back on a daily basis'


'after years to have been unployed and uncertain, I finally found a job, thanks to the coaching sessions with Jeanette Lap'


'For years I have tried to lose weight, but unfortunately, thanks to this method of coaching, I feel confident and well again and will lose weight naturally'